Dual-Purpose Guardian Service Cookware


This advertisement for Guardian Service was featured in women's magazines in the 1940's. It illustrates how the cookware served a dual purpose. It was both functional and attractive. It could be used for cooking the family dinner on the stove top and then taken directly to the table for serving.

The homemaker is taking the triangle pots, the economy trio, to the table on the serving tray. Already at the table is the coffee pot, also known as the beverage urn. The beverage urn could be used to prepare drip coffee and could also be used for serving cold beverages. The baked apples appear to have been baked in a frying pan. The roasted chicken is on the oval serving platter, which also serves as a lid for the roasting pan, and is covered by the glass roasting pan lid. The black bakelite handles have slipped over the metal handles for use in serving at the table.